Thomas Thoms Founded the business on Quality, Service and reliability and today we are proud to maintain those standards

Thomas Thoms origins as a manufacturer of lead products date forward from 1881.

Our Founder Thomas Thoms began operations at Summer Hill, initially making water tanks and other associated galvanised iron products.

Gradually the product range was extended to incorporate lead fabrication such as pipe, washers, cable covers and sheeting, and the galvanised iron products were discontinued.

In the late 1950's, we moved into the manufacture of Aluminum Dampcourse from feedstock purchased from outside fabricators.

In the early 1960's we purchased a Two-High 24 inch wide Reversing Brass Rolling Mill which was converted to roll aluminum slab, with inter-stage Heat Treatment being carried out in an Annealing Oven Built by others to our requirements.

In 1975, a Hunter Continuous Strip Aluminum Casting Machine was installed to produce continuous Aluminum Sheet from ingot.

In 1983, a 48 inch Rolling Mill was purchased to allow coils up to 600mm wide to be rolled. The earlier 24 inch rolling Mil has now been upgraded to permit rolling of 600mm wide material to give us reserve capacity in the event of maintenance disruption to our 48 inch Mill or abnormal demand.


Pure Zinc Flashing, sheet and coil products were introduced to the product range in 1991 and have gained ready acceptance for use with coated steel forming and walling materials

Millar Leadburners was acquired in 1997 for supply to the mining industry

Gem Plastics was acquired in 2000 to further our product range to the building industry

The Thomas Thoms Group Consists of:  
Thomas thoms Pty Ltd Dampcourses Pty Ltd

Manufacturers and distributors of

  • Lead Sheet, Flashing and dampcourses,
  • Aluminum Coil Sheeting, Strip, Flashings and Dampcourses
  • Soft Zinc Flashing, Pure Hard ZincSheer Coil and Stencil Grade Zinc Sheet.
Bituminous Coating of Aluminum and Lead Strip for Dampcourse
Millar Leadburners Aust Pty Ltd Gem Plastics Australia Pty Ltd

Wet Mist Precipitators, Lead anodes, Homogeneous Leadwork, Radiation Shielding Consulting for the Mining Industry

Plastics for the Building Packaging and Agricultural Industries

For more information visit www.gemplastics.com.au

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